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Aug 25, 2011

Unrevealed thoughts

The day darkens as my eyes become full of fear, no more like full of tears. He smiles at me and his smile becomes so sincere, but yet I can see it in my mind as something so unreal. My mood changes as the sun disappears, not a hormonal change but something more like a different personality emerges. I start talking and end up yelling. I start smiling and end up crying hysterically. The dark makes me mad, because I feel like I have nothing left to lose but to be one with the stars. I want to be sky high and let him do whatever he wants. I stop and think, then I continue to pace back and forth. I double think my thoughts and triple count my steps. I begin to dream but my dreams can only be seen by my own imagination, no real connection. I start to wonder if he is coming home soon, because inside my head is going crazy. Thinking about all the possibilities of his waste of time, for some reason his time managing skills become so unclear. I make some tea and begin to rethink my already rethought thoughts. I stop, and begin to smile as I sit back. I sit back and begin to talk to myself asking myself questions like he is probably just running late. I calm down and begin to close my eyes, I wake up its 11:45pm. He comes home I turn to him and stare, he can feel my hesitation but he speaks not. I turn around and kiss him so light, I turn back around and continue to sleep. I can’t bring myself up to stand up to him, I just become consumed in my own crazy head. But someday I will explode and he will finally understand how crazy he makes me feel when he goes to her and lays in her bed while I’m home making no sense. Unrevealed thoughts, who knows when he will know.

Short Story by: MissJennyferBaby

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